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Advanced Oral Surgery from a Compassionate Expert

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dr. Sean Healy uses advanced techniques to minimize discomfort and healing time after wisdom tooth removal. Sedation can ensure your comfort and platelet-rich fibrin, containing growth factors, naturally stimulates the healing process. At a follow-up appointment, he will monitor your recovery.

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If you require an extraction, Dr. Healy will use gentle techniques to remove your damaged tooth and preserve the surrounding bone structure. Our sedation options can also keep you comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. Often, Dr. Healy can combine extractions with same-day dental implants.

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Dental Implants

Dr. Healy offers several types of implants including traditional, mini, and same-day implants, as well as the All-on-4® method. We are one of the few practices in New Mexico to use a state-of-the-art live navigation surgery system for more accurate implant placement. 

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Bone Grafting

During bone grafting, Dr. Healy will replace lost tissue and rebuild your jaw structure. He will typically use a sample of your own bone, taken from your hard palate or another part of your body, or a synthetic material. The new tissue will strengthen the jaw, forming a solid base for implants.

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Sinus Lifts

Sinus lifts are similar to bone grafting, and Dr. Healy may recommend this treatment if you have lost bone volume on your upper jaw. He will restore lost tissue and also reposition your sinus membranes. In some cases, Dr. Healy can eliminate the need for a sinus lift by placing zygomatic implants.

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In some cases, your general dentist or physician may refer you to us for a biopsy. Dr. Healy will take a small tissue sample, numbing your mouth so that the procedure involves minimal discomfort. Then he will send the sample to a lab, where they will test for cancer and other oral health concerns. 

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Treating Infractions

An infraction is a small crack in your dental enamel that does not affect the rest of your tooth structure. In most cases, infractions do not require treatment. However, if you have multiple infractions, or if the crack is very large, Dr. Healy can seal the cracks with composite resin. 

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Facial Trauma

Following an auto accident, sports injury, or other incident and initial emergency treatment, Dr. Healy can restore your appearance, oral function, and oral health. Using advanced imaging technology, such as cone beam scans, he will determine the right treatment option for you. 

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I was nervous... but Dr. Healy and his nurses put me at ease, and he even gave me a call the evening after surgery to make sure I was ok. From a Google Review

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