Wisdom Tooth Extraction with Minimal Discomfort and Downtime

Wisdom tooth extraction at our Santa Fe, NM-area practice can often prevent future problems, such as pain, infection, and dental crowding. Dr. Sean M. Healy and Dr. Diego Hurtado perform all types of wisdom tooth extraction, including impacted tooth removal. To help reduce dry socket and post-treatment sensitivity, he will typically prescribe antibiotics and an antibiotic rinse to use before the procedure. Our advanced platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy can also promote faster healing. A week after the procedure, Dr. Healy or Dr. Hurtado will need to schedule you or your teen for a follow-up to ensure healing is progressing free of complications. 

Illustration of impacted wisdom tooth crowding another tooth
If there is not enough room for a wisdom tooth to erupt, it can severely damage neighboring teeth.

Do You or Your Teen Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth typically erupt in the late teens or early 20s. This third set of molars is not problematic for everyone. However, most people do not have enough room in their mouths for these teeth to properly erupt. As a result, they can often cause severe crowding as they come in. In other cases, they may not be able to break through the surrounding bone or soft tissue. The tissue around these impacted teeth can often become inflamed. Bacteria can also become trapped, leading to potentially serious infection.

Many of our patients choose our practice because they have impacted teeth that require surgical removal. As a respected oral surgeons, Dr. Healy and Dr. Hurtado are popular choices for referrals from other dentists. Whether you have a referral or you simply want to see if you might need wisdom tooth extraction, one of our surgeons will conduct a complete exam. With our advanced CAT scans, we can easily evaluate your jawbone to look for impacted teeth or teeth that may be coming in at an angle.

Even in more complicated cases, you should experience minimal discomfort, thanks to our effective sedation and our surgeons' gentle techniques.

What to Expect During Extraction

Before your extraction, our surgeons will prescribe antibiotics and an antibiotic rinse to ease post-treatment discomfort. These medications can also reduce the risk of dry socket. A side effect of dental extraction, dry socket occurs when the blood clot that blocks the extraction site is dislodged. This can cause discomfort and sensitivity for several days.

Before the procedure, we will administer dental sedation. In most cases, we recommend deep intravenous (IV) sedation. This method will put you into a twilight sleep, in which you will be technically awake but unaware of what is going on around you. After you have been made comfortable, our surgeons will create incisions in your gums to allow access to the wisdom teeth. There are several techniques that he may use to remove the teeth. Even in more complicated cases, you should experience minimal discomfort, thanks to our effective sedation and gentle techniques. After removing your wisdom teeth, our surgeons will place a platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) membrane over the extraction site. This membrane contains growth factors, which will help your gums and jawbone to heal more quickly.

Recovery and Aftercare

Dr. Healy or Dr. Hurtado will use dissolvable sutures to close up the incisions in your gums so you will not need to come back in to have your stitches removed. About a week after your procedure, we will schedule your follow-up consultation. At this appointment, our surgeons can make sure that you are healing properly. Though complications are rare, we will also check for signs of infection or any other adverse side effects.

After wisdom tooth extraction, you will need to eat a soft diet for a few days. You should also mainly rest, as demanding physical activity can cause the incision sites to reopen. You can usually return to your normal routine in about a week, but Dr. Healy or Dr. Hurtado will provide further guidance at your post-operative consultation.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Can Prevent Serious Issues

Wisdom Tooth Removal Can Prevent Serious Issues

"Wisdom teeth can cause damage."

Some wisdom teeth erupt normally, but impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, cavities, and damage to other teeth. Using an x-ray, the oral surgeons at Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center of Santa Fe can determine whether wisdom tooth removal is needed. Wisdom tooth removal is a fairly straightforward procedure, and our doctors will provide detailed post-operative instructions to ensure healthy healing and recovery.

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