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Zirconia Dental Implants

While titanium is the traditional material for dental implants, titanium implants may not be the best choice for every patient. 

Fortunately, modern advances in dentistry have resulted in effective alternatives like implants made from zirconia.

See why some patients choose zirconia implants over titanium at the Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center of Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM. 

Benefits of Zirconia Implants


Zirconia is biocompatible, so the body's immune system is less likely to react to it. Zirconia is also metal-free so patients with metal allergies can benefit from choosing this material.

Excellent Aesthetics

As a type of ceramic, zirconia dental implants are white, making them less noticeable than traditional titanium implants. This can be especially important when patients have receding gum tissue or when replacing a front tooth.

Low Affinity for Bacteria

Zirconia implants have a low affinity for bacteria, which can help maintain your dental implants and the surrounding tissue. Because bacteria biofilm may accumulate less on zirconia implants, patients with these implants are at lower risk for infection and inflammation when compared to patients with titanium implants.

Same-Day Services

Zirconia dental implants are often easier to handle than titanium implants, which sometimes allows us to place a temporary crown immediately after dental implant placement.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implant

Implants are small posts that replace the root of a tooth in your jawbone. Using abutments, dental implants can support restorative dentistry like dentures, crowns, and bridges. Implants are the only dental solution that can prevent jawbone atrophy after tooth loss, helping to maintain the shape and density of your jaw. While implants are typically made from titanium, our office is proud to offer dental implants made from zirconia, as well.

Why Make Implants From Zirconia?

Zirconia Implant

Zirconia is a durable, biocompatible ceramic. It is the strongest form of pure ceramic that can withstand bite force, making it an optimal material for dental solutions like implants. Though our oral surgeons may not recommend zirconia implants for everyone, they are often a good alternative for patients who don't qualify for titanium implants. Implants made from zirconia can last for decades or longer when cared for properly, just like traditional titanium implants.

Our Implant
Of Choice


Our office in Santa Fe, NM, offers NobelPearl™ zirconia implants, a revolutionary two-piece implant that offers benefits not available with other ceramic implants. The NobelPearl two-piece zirconia implants and abutments provide greater flexibility and allow for a strong connection between the parts, so you can rest assured that your ceramic implant and replacement tooth fit together securely.

Interested in a New Generation of Implants?  Request a Consultation for Zirconia Implants 

If an allergy or other condition has prevented you from receiving titanium implants in the past, then zirconia may be the dental solution you’re looking for. Our dentists Sean M. Healy and Diego Hurtado have restored many patients’ smiles using zirconia implants and implant-supported restorations. We can look over your medical history and discuss the pros and cons of titanium and ceramic implants during a consultation to find out which option is best for you.

You can ask us about zirconia implants during a consultation or submit your questions directly to us. To request a consultation, call our Santa Fe office at:

(505) 984-0694


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How Dental Implants Work

Dental Implant Diagram
Just like a titanium implant, ceramic implants fit into your jawbone while an abutment secures implant-supported restorations in place. This restoration can replace one tooth or multiple teeth.

Does the Implant Material Matter? 

The material used to create a dental implant can have a significant impact on your treatment. The choice is important because it can affect factors such as: 


Metal allergies can act as a major barrier that prevents patients from receiving the dental implants and replacement teeth they want. Since most dental implants use titanium, those patients can have limited choices for alternative treatments. Metal-free ceramic implants are not as common, but they can allow some patients to receive dental implants and implant-supported restorations. 


The cost of dental implants can account for a significant portion of the overall cost of treatment. While zirconia is durable, it also tends to be more brittle than traditional metals used in other implants. As a result, the manufacturing process for high-quality zirconia dental implants can be more difficult and lead to a higher cost compared to titanium implants.


The most important step of the implant procedure is osseointegration, the process in which the implant fuses to the surrounding bone and becomes part of your anatomy. Titanium and zirconia can both integrate successfully with your jawbone, but each patient is different. If titanium has not worked well in the past for a patient, zirconia can be the alternative they need to achieve success.

Zirconia and titanium implants have different benefits and drawbacks, but our dentists can determine which implant type will be a better option for you during your consultation.

The body treats a successful dental implant like your natural tooth roots and sends essential nutrients to the surrounding bone tissue. These resources preserve your jawbone and keep it from deteriorating over time.

Implant-Supported Restorations

Once you receive a titanium or zirconia implant at our office serving patients throughout Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Española, and beyond, you can replace missing teeth by connecting the abutment to an implant-supported restoration such as a:

Dental Crown

A dental implant can support a crown to completely replace a single tooth, from root to crown.

Dental Bridge

This dentistry solution can replace up to three consecutive teeth.


Dentures can replace multiple teeth at a time, even an entire arch of missing teeth.

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