Dentures Allow You to Eat, Speak, and Smile Normally Again


Dentures are sets of custom-made prosthetic teeth that can dramatically help patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. At Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center of Santa Fe, we offer several types of implant-supported dentures. Compared to traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures stay in place without dental adhesive, reducing the risk of discomfort or embarrassing slips.

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Dentures are artificial teeth. There's two different types of dentures. A partial denture which means you have some real teeth and then a lot of not real teeth and you're missing teeth. And a complete denture is where you have no teeth. So it's a fake set of teeth. They're removable, you can take them in and out, and some people do very, very well with dentures and some people don't like them. With our practice, we don't traditionally do dentures. We don't place dentures or make the dentures. We usually do that with the dentist or the prosthodontist. But we do a lot of the cases where we seat the denture for them when we take teeth out, or patients come in and have been wearing dentures for a while, they're not satisfied, and they want implants to support a denture. Best candidate for like dentures, somebody that just does not have good quality teeth, either a lot of bone loss or a lot of their teeth are breaking down and it would cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair each tooth like with a root canal and a crown. And sometimes financially, that's just not doable. So that's where a denture could come in to replace the teeth. Benefits of a denture, one, just restoring a bite, just having teeth to chew with. A lot of it is social confidence. A lot of times when people are missing teeth, their face will kind of sink in a little bit or their cheeks will kind of sink in and they kind of have that kind of jowl look to their jaws. And a lot of times just by having dentures in there, it kind of restores confidence and gets people back out and doing stuff again and getting out in public, and being happy, and smiling with kids and grandkids, and just being a normal person again. Different types of dentures. There's the partial denture which is one that just replaces some teeth that are missing, but you have real teeth as well to help kind of anchor it in. It's still removable, but it's called a partial denture. Another one's a complete denture which just replaces all the teeth because they're either missing or going to be missing so you have something to replace the teeth. We can actually utilize implants to help support dentures. So you can have like a removable denture that attaches to implants so they snap in to either the implants themselves or a little bar so they snap or clip on. Sometimes you can do non-removable dentures essentially like a full bridge where you have a certain number of implants and the teeth are physically attached to the implants and they are not removed. So there's multiple options on replacements of teeth.

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